Karl Barth - Head Coach

Born:  Lewiston, Maine


Favorite Pastime:  Enjoying time with family and friends.  Me time ... Tele-Skiing and Sailing.  Oh ... and Rugby!


Real Job:  Department of Human Performance, Health & Physical Education at Summit High School


Describe your philosophy:  Because we can, we must create the skills to do so, through developing focused habits and surrounding ourselves with others who will demand of and support us in our quest to be better tomorrow than we are today.


Player Comments:  Varsity - We love how humble he is!  One of the greatest coaches ever, and you wouldn't know it until you saw him in action.  We like his "Happy Socks".  If he's not wearing them, its a running day ... Ugh.  

U14 - He is kind of scary ... but we like it when he skips!

Coach Barth after his 11th State Title

Coach - Alex Rae Cooper

Born:  Alamosa, Colorado

Favorite Pastime:  Going on spontaneous adventures with fantastic friends and eating chips!



Real Job:  Program Coordinator of Mountain Mentors, Summit County Government as well as Program Coordinator for Summit in Honduras.



Describe your philosophy:  We rise by lifting others.



Player Comments:  Hmmm...!

Coach Coop at Nationals - Summer 2016

John Minor - Forwards & U14 Coach

Born:   Liscard, England - Just outside of Liverpool.


Favorite Pastime:   Riding my bicycles and just having fun.


Real Job:   That's Chief John Minor to the general public!


Describe your philosophy:   I just do my best to teach what I know about Rugby.  I encourage leadership when I can, always try to find a moment to motivate, and I try to interject humor into everything; because life without humor is boring ...


Player Comments:   Varsity - What can you say about a Coach, who can either make you run laps, or give you a "ticket" in the parking lot!  U14 - We love it when he tells us to "go play Beautiful Rugby".  He also says "10-4" ... alot!  And when he is leaving he says "I have to go save the world"!

Coach Minor with his minor Minors!

Our Coaches

Ashley Smith - Coach

Born:  Washington, Pennsylvania - south of Pittsburgh


Favorite Pastime:  Trail Running, Dancing, Reading, Road Trips and spending Time With Family.


Real Job:  Sixth Grade Language Arts Teacher at Summit Middle School.


Describe your philosophy:  I try my best to foster leadership and decision making by the girls while offering feedback when necessary. I believe that talking to the players about what they want and need is empowering.  Through it all, I want to make sure the girls feel supported, loved, and full of positive power.  My specialty...hugs.


Player Comments:  All Players - aka Ashley "Goodbody" Smith.  Hands down best hugger EVER.  Favorite saying "Let's go to Positive Town".  Quite simply, we Love her!


Coach - Kelly Joyce

Born:  Berkeley, California

Favorite Pastime:  Playing outside with my dog, friends and plenty of food.



Real Job:  Ski Patrol and Nature Enthusiast



Describe your philosophy:  Go Dazzle!!



Player Comments:  Hmmm...!

Coach - Heidi Gruber

Born:  Denver, Colorado

Favorite Pastime:  Being outside in any capacity - mountain biking, hiking, skiing... and of course hanging out with friends and family.



Real Job:  Ski Patrol



Describe your philosophy:  "When one teaches, two learn"



Player Comments:  Hmmm...!